Design born from function

The ceiling of a house has a role of an outlet

"Hooking ceiling" and "rosette"

It comes with something called

In addition to the fact that there are different types depending on the resistance to load,

The height of the connection point is also different

In this way, the shape of the outlet side and

The relationship on the lighting side is complicated when you look at it face to face

The VARY flange (the part that hides the connection part)

It is larger than a general one, and the fixing screw is

Reason for its unique shape

Even if the other part changes

As a solution to achieve an unchanging appearance

This design was born

Problem solving focused on top parts

In the interior, lighting fixtures are a part of everyday life.

Things that are easy to see in life

This is a problem unique to lighting that can be seen from all directions.

As I look at it every day, I see a tilt

sometimes find the angle

Among the top parts of VARY

Hidden level adjuster

Once the height is determined after hanging

Finally, you can adjust the tilt of the body part

Relationship between chord length and table

When changing the layout of a room

The position of the table is strange.

You will find that you have no choice

If there is a power supply at a fixed position in the room

Naturally, you will have to put a table underneath it.

VARY can choose cord length up to 10m

Place the lights where you want them and place them on the table

Can be laid out in the center

*The standard length is 1m. Additional charges apply for lengths over 2m

Furthermore, inside the VARY top parts

Cord can be stored up to 100cm

Even if you calculate carefully, lighting and

The distance from the table top is difficult

without seeing the actual spread of light

Can't determine optimal height

choose a slightly longer chord

lower or raise

please consider carefully

Variety of VARY

Tailored to individual needs

Further expanded combinations and selections

optional diffuser

Simply attach to the light bulb without using any tools

Hides light sources and diffuses soft light

The diameter of the diffuser is

with cones and half balls

To enjoy the change in balance

I chose one size

top and bottom by order

Can be made in original color

Instead of looking for lighting in the color you want

Can be produced in the color you want with your favorite combination

*Additional charges apply for bespoke colors.


It means change and variety.

rather than buying a set

"choose colors and materials"

"Combine shapes"

As a matter of course when purchasing such a feeling

Products that you can experience

I kept wanting to make

custom-made products

Not made for everyone

It is produced one by one for a person to use

according to the space and your taste

designing the lighting

VARY is the template for that.

Materials will be added to VARY in the future.

keep changing

Choose your favorite design

please complete

We have opened an official LINE account.
We plan to release information step by step upon the release of Veari.
Although it will be irregular, new products, workshops, etc.
Please use it as a tool to receive bowks information transmission.

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