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"●▲■" Layout metal plates with basic shapes, direct light, reflected light,
I designed it with the image that shadows created by shadows can be seen graphically.

Appearance like an object in the daytime,
When it gets dark, it creates a unique light production,
Lighting that has a presence despite its small size.

The brass bracket plate has a function for wall mounting, and the mounting direction can be easily changed with screws.
[● plate or ▲ plate]
You can choose which one to face up and place it on the wall.
Can be used as a standing type or as a wall mount.

It also has the role of confirming the materials and colors used in VARY.


size H253mm W177mm D62mm
Material iron/brass/aluminum
finish Iron: Baked finish | Brass/Aluminum: Substrate
lamp Mini Krypton Sphere Frost
mouthpiece E17
color temperature 2400K
Brightness 230lm
power consumption 2.7W